Well it's been a long time....

James 3:13

Well its been a long time since ive written in this (journal). The reason mainly is because we have been going and going and going. Sorta like the Energizer Bunny. :) We (SFd) play in 'the bubble' just about everyday and sometimes twice a day. Ive been reading some old sermons by a preacher from England named Smith Wigglesworth. He was called the Apostle of Faith! His sermons have been challenging so much and his favorite saying was 'only believe'. This simple phrase gets right to the core of life as a christian. Believe without reservation every word of God.... without doubt. Every promise from the Lord is our inheritance as sons and daughters of God. Why don't we trust the Lord and take Him at His word?... its all for our benefit, Take It Now! We are born of the Word and the Lord wants us to have it all!... Abundant Life, Joy, Peace. Purpose and Love.

Rick's journal entry from 2000 during the Love Liberty Disco tour with The Newsboys

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