I Must Die.....

I must die so that Christ may live.

When Christ calls His church, He calls us to take up our cross and follow Him. He doesn't call us to a hassle free life. Anyone who lives without a care doesn't get very far in developing his or her character. God wants His children to have His character rather than our comfort. He wants us to be spiritually fit rather than pain free. Living in a me-based society doesn't help our Christianity either. We act as our own little gods... if we need something, we strive, overpower each other so we can get a bigger piece of the pie. For what? All we see with our fleshly eyes is temporary. Everything we see is going to burn. But what the eyes of our hearts see will last forever, The Book of Life, God's Word is forever. As God's children we are born of the Word and our inheritance is every promise of God! He will not leave you or ever forsake you! Live in faith, believing every word so that when we go into the world we will defeat the evil one the same way Jesus did.... proclaiming "It is written"!

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